Financial Attack Surface Reduction Framework

Tips on securing and defending your wealth against government (and all manner of other thieves).

Financial Attack Surface Reduction Framework
  • Don't advertise your wealth or income. Keep this information private.
  • Reduce your costs and maintain a frugal lifestyle.
  • Keep records of every time you trade a 'sound money asset' (gold, silver, bitcoin). Collectibles tax or capital gains tax may apply.
  • ~ Pay taxes on your gains every year, as required. (Better than going to prison or being audited!)
  • ~ Minimize trading and minimize your tax burden.
  • ~ Where possible, consider borrowing against your assets as opposed to selling them to cover large expenses.
  • Keep at least half of your assets outside of the traditional financial system.
  • ~ Move bitcoin into cold-storage, multi-signature vaults (Unchained, Sparrow, Specter).
  • ~ Keep some cash at home.
  • ~ Keep some physical gold or silver bullion at home. And get to know the people at your local coin shop. (Do they pay cash for bullion?)
  • Use non-custodial coinjoin (samourai, sparrow, joinmarket) to anonymize your bitcoin (breaking the link to its past history) prior to spending it, and prior to sending into cold-storage.
  • Use a VPN or the Tor Browser as much as possible while interacting with finance apps and websites, or while transacting in or coinjoining your bitcoin. Change your IP address regularly.
  • Run your own Bitcoin Full Node at home (Raspibolt). Broadcast your transactions via or Tor Hidden Service where possible.
  • Be Street Smart. Learn Self-Defense. Learn how to safely use and store a handgun (or larger).
  • Stay Humble. Keep it simple stupid (KISS).