Hello, 1984.

Hello, 1984.

Power to the Plebs

I created this blog to share tips and tricks with my fellow plebs in this increasingly divided and draconian world.

Do you know your Draco?

When your every thought and action is subject to the judgment of the (madness of the) crowd, it's fair to say it's become *political*. And when everything has become political -- under the control of the State, either by dictum or by default -- then, in effect, you live under a Totalitarian System.

The only way to fight against a system of Totalitarian Control, is to opt out of it, and build parallel systems which increase individuals' sovereignty.

Open Source software/hardware, 3D printing, hard money (bitcoin and precious metals) and various other technologies (collections of techniques and methods) are critical in this fight.

But perhaps most important is Education. As a former educator myself, I understand the value of many different forms of Literacy: Reading/Writing, Numeric, Emotional and Media, etc.

My focus on this blog will center around Economic, Financial, Media and Digital forms of Literacy, with the goal being increased Sovereignty and Independent & Divergent Thinking.

Monoculture, Monomedia and other forms of Monopolies are far too prevalent and influential in our world today.

We need more free-thinking and courageous people.

My hope is to contribute to the bolstering of this effort to free and strengthen the plebs, you included.