The Case of the Missing Samourai

The Case of the Missing Samourai

@SamouraiWallet and @SamouraiDev have been indicted for money laundering and conspiracy to operate without a MSB license, allegations of which many in the bitcoin, privacy and legal community find to be preposterous...

These two men are developers of entirely non-custodial, open-source bitcoin privacy software.

I believe they followed the letter of the law; they retained legal counsel at great expense over many years to help them stay "within the lines".

It's no secret that they flaunted what they were doing and taunted the state often. But these guys were in it for the average bitcoin user. Trying to help the user stay private, break links in the chain, so to speak, and lower the risk for individuals to spend and receive bitcoin.

They should be free.

Free Samourai!

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