8 Cypherpunk Principles

8 Cypherpunk Principles
  1. Privacy is a fundamental human right. Everyone should have control over how his personal information is used.
  2. The use of Strong Cryptography is essential for protecting privacy and securing data/property/money.
  3. Decentralization of power and authority.
  4. Unrestricted Access to Cryptographic Tools: Open-source, transparent software/hardware are key to this.
  5. Activism through Code. Build better tools to create lasting change.
  6. Development of systems that enable Anonymous/Pseudonymous Transactions, allowing people to exchange value freely.
  7. Resistance against Censorship and Surveillance. Encryption + Good Opsec help counteract these practices.
  8. Self-Governance and Personal Responsibility are absolutely critical to maintaining privacy and security.

DALL-E Images: Austin, Texas (2054 AD). Cypherpunks engaged in black/gray market exchange using offline bitcoin UTXO bearer instruments.