Post Harder

Post Harder

I believe in bitcoin long-term.

I use it as money, as a medium of exchange.

I save a significant portion of my wealth in it.

And I don't call myself a bitcoin 'maxi'.

I believe bitcoin is superior money.

I don't even refer to myself as a bitcoiner really.

I just say that I like it.

I try not to tie my identity up in it too much.

That way lies misery. Not joy.

Joy for me is spending time with friends and family, learning, growing, running, reading. That sort of thing.

Me identifying (or not) as a bitcoin maxi does nothing to help promote bitcoin adoption.

The term is used only by hyperonline bitcoin twitterati, and certain detractors.

Posting harder about GetOnZero or GetOffZero isn't going to change anything.

Living your best life is going to change things. For you and the people you care about, first and foremost.

Just do you.

Enjoy your life.

Use bitcoin if it helps you live a better life.